Vietnam PM stresses Bắc Kạn’s focus on forest economy and tourism

 Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Vietnam Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính stressed the significance of actual reserve mobilization for financial improvement in northern Bắc Kạn province, with a precise emphasis on the forest economy and tourism as two pivotal regions.

Forest economy need to prioritize actions like carbon credit dealing, biomass power generation along with pharmaceutical business expansion. Considering tourism, the region needs to concentrate on its lovely sceneries and cultural inheritance of traditional groups.

The PM said this while working with the standing board of Bắc Kạn Provincial Party Committee for discussing the province’s socio-economic growth condition along with instructions and responsibilities for the coming days.

The PM said that Bắc Kạn needs to target to turn into a region with robust basic fundamentals for medium-high level growth when matched to the nationwide average by 2030 and a vibrant economy and a comparatively high level of expansion when matched to other areas countrywide by 2050.

Reports from the region displayed that during the initial six months of 2023, the province’s GRDP progression touched a projected 5.7 per cent, standing 34 th out of 63 cities and provinces.

Forestry and agriculture have advanced with a forest coverage amount of 73.35 per cent, which is the
maximum in Vietnam. The business and service segment continued to improve and develop, with a
growth degree of 10.8 per cent and 5.14 per cent, correspondingly during the initial six months.

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