Thailand introduces zero carbon mobile app

 Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The mobile app that was launched by a team of public and private organizations gives importance to sustainable tourism by helping businesses, as well as communities, and tourists to keep a tab on their
individual carbon emissions, said the chair of the tourism and creative economy, National Science Technology, Supavadee Botiyaraj.

In tourism, it can be used. Also, in few industrial activities it can be used, moving Thailand towards high-quality tourism.

This was said by Supavadee as clear guidelines have already been issued for its use.

The director of the Low Carbon Business Certification Bureau, Pakomon Suparbpun, said that this app will make the access and trade carbon credits more seamless.

Via mobile phones and banks, these payments for carbon credits can be done, ensuing in augmented income for credit sellers, particularly the efforts that are community-based and that garner a lot of attention.

The operators of Thai tourism can work out on their greenhouse gas emissions for net zero services provided to the tourists, which would be quite luring to international tourists.

The worth of the prices of carbon credit depends on the quality of the credit.

Professionally produced carbon credits are affordable compared to those from communities, which are in short supply.

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