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Greece to restrict the number of travelers at Acropolis every day

Starting this week, Greece will restrict the number of travelers who can visit one of its most sought afteralluresevery day.

The Athens Acropolis archaeologicalplace will now limitday-to-daytourists at 20,000. People eager to see the pastrelics will need to make use of a booking website to book a time periodbeforehand.

Greece declaredthismeasure last month forlimitingcongestionin the midst of a post-pandemic travel flow that has troubled Europe this summer. Well-liked tourist spots have been struggling with the burden of over tourismof late. Places of cultural significance and museums similarly are making a lot ofdeterminationsfor maintaining the holiness of their locations.

LinaMendoni, the culture minister ofGreece said that the nation would beginrestrictingthe number of tourists at the Acropolis for avoidingharm to the place.

Mendoni said that the site iswitnessing as much as 23,000 touristsevery day, majority of whovisit in the morning and create blockages and disagreeablecircumstances for other tourists and people.


Legal battle ends in Tulsa over hotel valuation to fund tourism

Analmost five-year legitimatefightregarding whether Tulsa could execute a 3% taxation on room stays in definite hotels for promoting tourism concludedon Monday when all parties concerneddecided to finish the lawsuit. A community bank has decided to finance $1.15 million in a settlement contract with the U.S. Justice Department on accusations of loaningjudgment in historically Black vicinities.


Punjab is set to improve its tourism

To encourage the tourism of Punjab, and draw more investments into the state, On Thursday, the Punjab government said it from September 11th, it will arrange a three-day Punjab Tourism Summit along with Travel Mart in Mohali. This initiation will boost up the sector.

The tourism minister said that the state is all set to plan so that the tourists who normally come to Amritsar can be efficiently made to explore other remote locations in Punjab. The state is famous for sacrifices and warriors, it also has gorgeous locations, forest areas, water bodies and farm tourism possibilities.

A host of efforts like fiscal efforts on tourism in Industrial Policy 2022,Invest Punjab,into wellness sector, amendment of Eco Tourism Policy, and execution of adventure tourism, Anmol Gagan Mann, Punjab Tourism Ministersaid the above. The state government of Punjab is working persistently to encourage tourism in the state.

These initiations, in return, will offer maximum opportunitiesrelated to employment for youth and women, at a roadshow, Mann said this while promoting Punjab Tourism Summit and Travel Mart. It also has many forts and heritage attractions to explore. The minister also said that for events, forts and palaces of the state will be utilized in the future.


Hopefully a new tourism normal is impending

Word is out in the open that in Prince Edward County, the tourism is down, however,on Main Street, huge traffic together with capacity crowds at Sandbanks Provincial Park shows that it still remains a flourishing sector.

Keeping in mind that in the seasons earlier, the county has remained the preyin terms of too much of positive things, news that reaching a steady pointdoes have a chance to taking place, this comes as music to the ears of several residents.

Usually, to summer visitors, local residents remained quite proud to show off their county and greeted them with open arms, however, that was before the record arrival of vacationers, some of them were pretty rude and hostile.

It was advised in a recent news article that one reason for the tourism drop in 2023perhapsis related to the reason that visitors have been made to get an impressionof not worthy.

It was observed to support this theorythat the county in restricted areas have inflicted heavy fines for parking cause. It is tough to comprehend why this should discouragetourists to come to the county.

Who ignore the signs, fines are applicable only to those people. The followers of law have nothing to get anxiety.


Indonesia minister aims 6000 tourist villages in 2024

Sandiaga Uno, the Indonesia Minister of Tourism recently said that the ministry is aiming around 6,000 tourism villages to get them registered by 2024. He said that the target for tourism villages next year inside the network of tourism village will increase to 6,000, on Sunday, he said in Jakarta.

Sandiaga is quite hopefulregardingattaining the target seeing Indonesia’s number of tourism villagessurpassing its annual targetsconsistently. The ministry in 2021in the network had targeted 800 tourism villages and concluded with 1,831villages by the end of the year.

Moreover, the number of registered villages, in 2022, have almost doubled and reached 3,419. Meanwhile, the ministry this year have exceeded the target as well, from 3,500 villages to 4,537 villages respectively. The ministry is confidentthat the networked villages can seamlessly develop tourism villages in the future as well.

Big thanks to the public support that remained all the time and public enthusiasm all through. This is commitment of the Indonesian ministry to develop a major impact on the locals in the future, he said. Also, Sandiaga said that tourist villages in 2024have a possibility to create 4.4 million fresh high-quality manpower.Sandiadaalso said that the ministry is presentlyaiming on increasing the tourist villages.


Bhutan decreased tourism fee, why?

Travellersto Bhutan had to pay an extra USD 200 on a per night basis as part of the Sustainable Development Fee since September 2022. Now it will be reduced to USD 100. From September 1, 2023 this change is going to come into effect.

The main reason behind this measure is the fact that Bhutan restarted travel after thepandemic but even a year after, the country is struggling heavily to recover its tourism in a good manner and attract more globetrotters, says the Reuters.

The SDF in September 2022from the earlier USD 65 was increased to USD 200 a night in an effort to decrease the carbon footprint that touristscarry with them to the kingdom, as per the latest report. But, the charge appears to have caused a drop in the tourist numbers visiting Bhutan.

Bhutan is expected to boost tourism generated income, with the latest update.For four years, this new tax will remain applicable and will come to an end on August 31, 2027, as per a declaration by the Bhutanese government.

The statement explainsthat this tourist fee change is in view of the crucial role the tourism sector in making in creating more employment opportunities; grabbing foreign exchange and many more.


Renowned Chef Phillip Frankland Lee of Michelin-Starred Sushi by Scratch Restaurants Joins Chef in Residence Program at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

The culinary world is set to witness an exceptional fusion of talent as Chef Phillip Frankland Lee, the mastermind behind Michelin-starred Scratch Sushi, takes centre stage at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Kona, Hawaii. This exceptional collaboration is part of the Resort’s Chef in Residence program, which invites distinguished guest chefs and winemakers from across the country to showcase their culinary artistry. The highlight of this culinary experience will be a special omakase dinner at 6:00 pm HST on Saturday, September 2, 2023, and an engaging cooking class at 1:00 pm HST on Sunday, September 3, 2023. This unique event will be a harmonious collaboration between Chef Phillip Frankland Lee and the talented sushi Chef Nuri Piccio of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, promising an unforgettable dining experience for guests. Chef Phillip Frankland Lee is a celebrated culinary artist known for his Michelin-starred Sushi by Scratch Restaurants his other acclaimed dining destinations, Scratch Restaurants. With a passion for innovative and playful cuisine, Chef Lee continues to push the boundaries of the culinary world. Sushi by Scratch Restaurants boasts locations throughout North America and offers an intimate setting with limited, coveted seats right at the chef’s cutting boards. Guests can relax and revel in a whimsical multi-course journey that reimagines traditional sushi with inventive twists on beloved standards, incorporating flavours from both land and sea. This unique experience is a playful celebration of new wave nigiri and other delicacies, promising unexpected riffs on traditional sushi. Following the culinary weekend at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Chef Nuri Piccio will host a special omakase dinner at Scratch Sushi in Montecito, California, on Thursday, October 26, 2023, featuring the finest ingredients from Hawaii. This event will provide Californian patrons with a taste of the Hawaii’s culinary treasures, crafted by a masterful hand. “We are thrilled to welcome Chef Phillip Frankland Lee to Four Seasons Resort Hualalai as part of our Chef in Residence program,” says Charlie Parker, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. “This collaboration promises to be an extraordinary gastronomic journey that merges Chef Lee’s innovative approach with the rich culinary traditions of Hawaii. We invite all sushi enthusiasts to join us for this exceptional experience.”


Exclusivity Unveiled: Luxury Goods Purveyor Hyde Park Fashion Debuts Residency at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

Ushering in a new era of exclusive designer shopping in the City of London, luxury goods boutique Hyde Park Fashion (HPF) has launched a residency at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, in partnership with the Hotel. The residency marks the brand’s first ever luxury goods showroom located within a hotel setting, offering clients and collectors an extensive inventory of Hermès products, fine handbags and accessories, with the lavish and historic backdrop of the Four Seasons property. Lana Benkirane, founder of HPF, says that the residency at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square was a natural fit for the brand, providing guests with an enhanced and memorable shopping experience. “Partnering with Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square was a natural choice for Hyde Park Fashion, as the iconic Hotel seamlessly aligns with our brand’s values of luxury, sophistication, and unparalleled service. Situated in the heart of historic London, at Ten Trinity Square, the Hotel’s prestigious location exudes a sense of history that resonates with collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike,” Benkirane says. Guests are invited to visit the showroom at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, to immerse themselves in HPF’s carefully curated collection of rare and desirable luxury goods.


Four Seasons Hotel Houston Once Again Earns VPP Star Certification and Remains Only Hotel in the United States to Hold Coveted Recognition

Four Seasons Hotel Houston has again been recognized with VPP Star Certification, the government’s highest safety award. The Hotel was the first in 2018 and remains the only hotel in the United States to receive this distinction in the hospitality industry, issued by the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This recognition, which crosses multiple industries, speaks to the arduous process involved in attaining this rare distinction. Under the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star validation process, OSHA recognizes employers who have implemented effective safety and health management systems and maintain injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) averages in their industry. In VPP, management, employees and OSHA work cooperatively and proactively to prevent fatalities, injuries, and illnesses through a systems approach focused on: management commitment and worker involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and safety and health training. The Hotel was awarded VPP Star Certification for going above and beyond its legal obligation to protect its workers’ safety and health, demonstrated through the maintenance of low injury rates and a commitment to unremitting improvement within the company and its culture at all levels. The Hotel’s historical injury and illness rates are significantly below the national average for the hotel and hospitality industry, with a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) approximately 85 percent below the national average for hotels. “Providing a safe and healthy working environment for our team is of the utmost priority,” says Tom Segesta, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Houston. “Our team of 325 employees is proud and dedicated to proactively creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment at all times, which not only benefits our employees, but also our valued guests.” In achieving this honour, Four Seasons Hotel Houston will serve as a mentor to other Four Seasons properties around the country working toward achieving the same prestigious OSHA recognition.


Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, Mexico Unveils Culinary Ethos and Announces Partnership with World’s Best Female Chef, Elena Reygadas

Located on a secluded peninsula within a private reserve on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo is reimagining luxury cuisine with a culinary experience inspired by Mexico’s rich legacy, the origin of its distinctive ingredients, and its time-honoured traditions.

Led by Culinary Director Nicolás (Nico) Piatti, the Resort offers three restaurants – Coyul, Sal and Nacho – in addition to two bars. Each restaurant has its own concept and signature style but their commonality lies in featuring varying Mexican flavours representative of the country’s renowned cuisine. Showcasing the region’s dramatic seasonality while blending modern techniques with ingredient-forward creativity, the Resort’s culinary program offers an unforgettable dining experience with settings for every occasion, from starlit dinners to barefoot lunches with opportunities for guests to raise a glass with old friends and new. An integral part of the character of the Resort is Puro Talento Mexicano, which celebrates Mexican talent across all disciplines – this core value is seen in the Resort’s dedication to its root-to-dish culinary philosophy. Included in that is Coyul, where famed Mexican Chef Elena Reygadas has partnered with Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo and uses the country’s bountiful harvest to take modern Mexican cuisine in exciting new directions.

“What Nico Piatti has created at Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo is an unforgettable culinary journey for guests from all around the world to smell, touch, taste and fall in love with the ingredients of this region,” says Herve Fucho, Resort Manager at Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo. “Expanding our culinary aspirations by partnering with award-winning chef Elena Reygadas perfectly fits our desire to create an unrivalled dining experience at Coyul that is both authentic to Mexico and unique to Tamarindo.”

A Collaboration Called Coyul

Renowned Mexican Chef Elena Reygadas, owner and visionary behind distinguished Mexico City establishments Rosetta, la Panadería de Rosetta, Lardo, Café Nin and Bella Aurora, has partnered with Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo to bring her award-winning talents and passion for the culinary heritage of Mexico to Coyul. Recently named the World’s Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, this is her first project outside of Mexico City.

At Coyul, Elena draws inspiration from Mexico’s vibrant biodiversity, highlighting traditional ingredients with a comforting yet delightfully surprising menu. Every morning, guests can indulge in Elena’s signature baked goods, passionately crafted using sourdough and artisanal methods. An extensive breakfast menu is offered alongside the incomparable ocean backdrop where highlights include the plantain enmoladas or the hoja santa quesadilla with milpa vegetables. At sunset, guests can savour dishes such as huachinango with tamarind and cucumber, or homemade pastas such as black tagliolini and stewed octopus, offering a taste of the Pacific’s most beloved ingredients. Guests are invited to end their meal with delicate desserts, such as rice pudding with figs and fig leaf ice cream.

“I remember the first time I visited Tamarindo, I was fascinated by the surrounding nature. The overflowing vegetation, the birds singing, the vastness of the rocks and the closeness of the Pacific Ocean left me without words,” says Chef Elena Reygadas. “It´s a pleasure to collaborate with the team in Tamarindo to create a menu that fuses my personal style and passion for Mexican cooking with the rich bounty that surrounds the Resort.”